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what's flirting exactly, meaning in full details | 3 golden rule of flirting

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 What Is Flirting?

What Flirting Exactly Means?

Flirting is non-physical sexual communication between two people mutual attraction through body language and verbal tactics to negotiate. It is an initiation ritual of human mating and consists of a sequence shows a playful and challenges, to communicate, test is used, and enhances the attraction.
The revelation shows the attraction is mainly looking for some kinds of body language, the readiness achieved (makes hair, eye contact, just get open views, proximity, etc.) and pitch (tempo, volume, intonation). Challenges (teasing, questions, qualifications, fake disinterest) should test congruence and the intent of increasing stress.
Flirt can talk to it and put it in a way that greater intimacy than is generally said to be appropriate for the relationship or the time they already know each other, without really doing anything or any serious violations of social norms. This can be achieved by communicating a sense of playfulness and irony. Ambiguities with a sense more formally appropriate and another more suggestive, may be used.
What's flirting exactly

Body Language Is About Communicating Interest

The number one mistake that men and women is constantly in the field of dating, they have no interest in members of the opposite sex to communicate. This leads to a situation where nobody has any real idea what was going on.

Women Initiate Flirting

Women, you need to know that, at least 2/3rds of all romantic encounters initiated by women. The man may like to think of themselves as hunters, but the truth is that he very carefully (absolutely horrified, in most cases!) get over a woman he is often rejected. At times can flirt like a stupid game does not seem worth the trouble to. If you are a man’s interest that there is a basic ways to get the attention you deserve. The first is to smile broadly across the room toward him. You may have to do even two or three times, but it will eventually approach you, if he is interested. Another great way to communicate for him to look into the eyes and run your fingers through your hair important. It’s called auto erotic touch and it works really, really good.

Men Respond to Flirting

Men, so now you know who you really are there to a woman, the first signals to respond (unless you are really competent in terms of the approach to women). If she’s interested she went to check on. It has little sense to approach a woman if she does not, unless you’re just not flirting enough to reject in your life’s. So, if you enter a room, take your time and attention. People will usually check out a newcomer. If someone you are attracted to or to look for then, now there are really subtle. When they returned to the eyes in a minute she is interested and at some point soon, you should present it before to convince you manage it was not really looking at you.

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Interested In You?

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Interested In You?

It’s actually very easy when he comes over to talk to you that he is interested. As far as he was concerned he had just crossed the fires of hell be around, so hope he thinks you’re worth. There are also some classic signaled that he could not give. Where are the hands? When he moved to as “Cow Poke” attitude, hands on hips, fingers pointing to his abdomen then you know he’s trying to get your attention. It really is that blatant, if you just start attention.

How to use your Body Language

If you know what you are looking for people to reveal their secrets body all the time. This is not rocket science, it’s just knowing what to watch. Not only that, if you know what you are looking for, you can take your own ability to figure out that the signals to talk directly to someone’s subconscious and gravitating toward you.

The 3 Golden Tips

1. Man, when you talk, a woman, and she ran her fingers through her hair, or stroking her arms or thighs, you can imagine that she is interested. The message will be given out over her body. She wants to see what it is the second contact. It also invites you to her sometime in the future only.

2. Pay attention to what people are when they talk to you where to show their feet, where do they have national index fingers? If they were naked, that the body would say to you? Many of the temptation and the attraction is deeply unconscious, if you can get up just a little more aware of what approach you saw the people and they will not even know how you did it.

3. If he or she touches you in any way you can have meaning. A great trick is to stop call, get their arm and say: “I’m sorry, but the excitement of the session, I managed to make your name wrong.” Two things happened here, one that you touched secondly with excitement and told them to move your relationship to forward a notch.

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Self-realization- a key to Success For Forever

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Self-realization- a key to Success Forever

Self realization - key to succes

In the modern age, almost everybody is facing an identity crisis. The question of knowing ‘who’ one is has led many to switch to different religious doctrines or philosophies to satiate one’s desire of knowing oneself but not many have attained success in getting the answer of it. In the history of mankind, those who attained their true identity or self awareness led to a calm, peaceful balanced life. History witnessed them facing the hardships of life positively and portrayed them as the contented beings, the torch-bearers of light and guidance.

In our efforts of knowing ourselves, some of us stick to the theoretical doctrines and lack the practice which is essential for the realization . Some of us try to practice the theory but it proves to be a car driven by an accidental, untrained driver who does not know how to drive it as he is unaware of the driving rules. Again not much is attained due to lack of awareness of rules which govern his very self . as chemistry says that a certain formula is involved behind every compound. Similarly knowledge of the formula of human chemistry is very important.
The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), Hazrat Abu Bakar
(r.a.),all the true companions of the holy prophet (P.B.U.H.), all Prophets ,Saints ,  Muhatma Budh , Guru  Nanak , Dilai Lama etc- all these great people , although they vary in degree , are recorded to have attained that state where nothing mattered to them , where the body and soul got such an equilibrium that whatever they did, added to the glory and greatness of their character as human beings or the vice-regents of God . They seem to have acquired that ideal perfection , called Nijat in Islam , Baqa in Sufism , Nirvana in Buddhism Salvation in Christianity , and Mukhti in Hinduism. They attained the highest degree of self-realization , “experienced it and taught it to the world”.
Man as being the highest manifestation of God , is gifted with almost all those godly qualities (sifats)embedded in him in different proportions with which he can acquire a communion with God and finally merge into God. It is the process of self-realization in which one studies and ponders over his self and finds a way to his true identity. Before discovering one’s identity , “the world in which man lives like a drop in the sea becomes a drop in the ocean of his heart” after acquiring his true identity through the process of self-realization. “The saints and sages , the illuminated souls who have brought light to others , have been the self-realized ones”.
When we study different religions , we find the same message. It’s the saying (Hadith) of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.) that ‘He who knows himself, knows Allah’. ‘the kingdom of God is within you’ says Bible. Similarly , we find in Vedanta that ‘self knowledge is the real wisdom’. So, self realization proves to be the key to eternal success.
But the attainment of this highest knowledge is not easy, ‘it is impossible to acquire it in the manner of sciences and arts , nor is it possible to attain it as health, wealth, honour and power can be obtained by certain means . for the sake of self-realization , thousands have renounced their families and all worldly possessions , and kings their kingdoms, and retired to desert , jungle, or mountain fastness, striving to find in asceticism the secret of this bliss’ but it is in the character of Hazrat Muhammad (s. a. w.) that we find the perfection of this process of self-realization as he didn’t retire to desert or jungle but spent his whole life of Prophet hood or self-realization among the masses and distributed the knowledge of it to the whole humanity. It was actually only he who managed to maintain a perfect balance between ‘din’ and ‘duniya’ (world). It is through his personality that we see that a self-realized man can never leave the world and are , in fact , entrusted with the duty of spreading it to the world. Plato’s Simile of Cave amply proves it.
Now the question arises that how to acquire this Baqa or Nijat at which ‘every being must arrive some day , consciously or unconsciously , before or after the death’ as is said in the Holy Quran . According to Sufis , this process consists of five stages. The first stage is the stage of ignorance through which one must travel . In this stage, one tries to do any good thing taught or preached by any religion or philosophy. In short, it means sticking to the universally accepted virtues and avoiding the vices. Muslims do it as it is preached by Prophet Muhammad (s. a .w.), Christians do it as Jesus Christ preached it , Buddhists do it as Buddha taught it , Lamas do it as per advised by Dilai Lama and so on.
This persistence and simple, truthful following is referred to as Ignorance of the purpose on the part of the doer as at this stage, one does not go into the logic or detail of it but does it because of his love and devotion either for their guide or for the virtue’s sake. These are the  lovers about whom Rumi says , “Man may be the lover of man or lover of God; after his perfection in either is taken before the King of Love”. In Islam , it is called Eeman e Bil -Ghayb. This love and devotion for Truth or goodness activates the purgation of heart which is the abode of God. As Shah Hussain says in one of his Kafis :
Doth dwell for ever
In heart of mine ,
The portrait of the Groom .
His is the garden pure
His is the blooming rose ;
A nightingale am I
Of His abode be I
The small and poorest dust ,
So sayeth Hussain , faqir .
The consistency , purity and steadfastness in this stage leads to the second stage in which one meets with his/her Mentor.
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Unhappy Marriage? What To Do To Save Your Marriage

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Unhappy Marriage? What To Do To Save Your Marriage

Do you have an Unhappy Marriage?

Marriage is a partnership. The most successful business partnerships are those which establish the partners’ expectations of one another. Similarly all companies specify the role expected for each of their Employees. Marriage is no different and if you have an unhappy marriage, here’s what to do to save your marriage.
To overcome marriage problems, you and your partner’s expectations of the marriage and each other must be clearly established.
Unfortunately, when people meet, fall in love and marry they very rarely have a clear idea of precisely what they expect from their partners and their marriage. More often than not this lack of clarity is what leads to marriage problems. After the first flush of being married is over, normal life takes over
  • going to work every day
  • doing the housework
  • bringing up kids
  • worrying about finances
  • or whatever
All too often a sense of being let down takes over. This is not quite what you expected.
However, think about this feeling. What it is, is marriage is not quite what you expected. Or your feel that your partner has not lived up to expectations.
But this feeling is probably not the fault of either your partner or your marriage. It is however the direct result of not being clear about your expectations. And maybe your partner has similar feelings of disappointment.
If this is true, then you need to take some urgent steps to save your marriage
  1. Discuss your feelings  with your spouse about unfulfilled expectations – BUT CALMLY
  2. Agree to each listing their expectations from one another and the marriage
  3. Confront the list and at all cost avoid hurting your loved one.
  4. Discuss – again without shouting or accusing -  what each of expect from each other and the marriage
  5. Come to an agreement about these expectations
  6. The both of you must resolve to fulfil those agreements
Your marriage is too precious not to give it your all. It is important that both parties work at delivering these expectations in order to overcome you marriage problems.

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Symptoms of Back Pain Causes And Tips

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Symptoms of Back Pain Causes And Tips

Back pain is very very common in nowadays. It has been estimated that people do suffer from back pain at least once in their life time. It is the most common reason to visit the doctor and take leave from your work/ office. National Health Service suggests back pain as the major cause of work related absence. Though, back pain is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, it is generally not a serious problem. It can affect people of all age groups, but is commonly observed in people aging between thirty five to fifty five years.
Symptoms of Back Pain
The primary symptom of back pain is pain anywhere on the back and most of the times, it extends down to towards the legs and buttocks. If you experience any of the below given symptoms, it is vital to see your doctor soon. The back pain symptoms include elevated body temperature, weight loss, persistent back pain, inflammation on the back, pain extending downwards towards knees and legs, urinary incontinence, difficulty in urination, numbness near the genitals and anus, fecal incontinence and numbness around the buttocks.
Causes of Back Pain
The back of a person is made up of a complex structure of ligaments, muscles, disks, tendons and bones. Problems with any of these can result into back pain. Some common causes of back pain are-
  • Strain- the most common cause of back pain are strained ligaments, strained muscles, muscle spasm, lifting too heavy objects, lifting something improperly or as a result of awkward and abrupt movement.
  • Cauda equine syndrome- people suffering from this syndrome experience a mild pain in the upper buttocks and lower back. There is lack of feeling in the thigh, genitalia and buttocks.
  • Cancer of the spine- a tumor present on the spine sometimes is compressed over a nerve and this result in a back pain.
  • Spine infection- if a person has fever and a tender warm area on the back, it may be due to the infection of the spine.
  • Shingles- it is an infection that affects the nerves of the body.
  • Sleeping disorders- people with sleep disorders possibly experience back pain as compared to those who do not have sleep disorders.
  • Bad mattress- if you sleep on a mattress that does not support particular body parts and fail to keep the spine straight, there are higher possibilities of developing a back pain.

Diagnosis of Back Pain
Since the back pain causes are very complex, it is generally difficult to get proper diagnosis for it as compared other disorders. Nevertheless, getting a precise diagnosis of back pain causes is vital since varied diagnosis need varied treatment approaches. More sooner is the back pain diagnosed; more earlier the person can come across a perfect treatment plan for pain relief and enhance their abilities to enjoy daily activities.
A precise clinical diagnosis for back pain depends on correlating the results of the diagnostic tests like MRI with the patient's particular symptoms and the doctor's evaluation from the physical examination.
Tips to avoid back pain - back pain is a very common physical injury. You may experience it, if you lift heavy objects, sit in front of the PC for long hours or stand for a longer time. The point here is that back pain can get serious and it could be a long-term injury that may alter one's lifestyle. It is difficult to recover and so, it is always preferable to avoid it. Below given are some useful tips on how to avoid back pain.
  • regularly like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling; whatever is possible for you.
  • Build up muscular flexibility and strength
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Do not lift too heavy loads
  • See to it that you sleep comfortably on a good bed mattress that will support the muscles of the back.
  • Avoid being overweight that puts lot of stress on the back muscles while sitting or standing.
  • Avoid prolonged standing. You can take small breaks, if needed to get instant relief from back pain.
  • See to it that you get adequate night sleep that will recover from all the bodily disorders and you wake up fresh the next morning.

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Some misunderstandings about suicide

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Some misunderstandings about suicide
Small test: Do you think the following statement is "right" or "wrong"?
  1. Table shows to people who commit suicide are not really commit suicide.
  2. There is usually no sign before suicide.
  3. Those who try to commit suicide are absolutely intent to find death.
  4. People who have had suicidal thoughts will continue to have this idea.
Answer: All four sentences are wrong, which represents some misunderstanding of suicide. 

Most people often have less misunderstanding
Misunderstanding number one: people who talk about suicide will not really commit suicide Fact: Of course, some people do not talk; but people at high risk of suicide is often used to refer to people who want to commit suicide or attempt suicide and unsuccessful people . 

Myth 2: There is usually no symptom before suicide :There are studies that estimate that eight out of ten suicide cases have omens beforehand, which is very vague (eg, "I don't need credit card in the future!"), to clear Messages (such as "I want to die!") are available. 
Misunderstanding 3: People who try to commit suicide absolutely want to die . The clinical observation seems that only 3.5% of those who try to commit suicide absolutely want to die; 30% of people are in conflict, they arrange fate to decide their life and death; and the remaining two-thirds are actually If you don't want to die, the act of suicide is a dramatic way of asking for help. They will deliberately arrange so that they can get help in time. 
Misunderstanding four: suicidal thoughts people will continue to have this idea 
Fact: Many people have suicidal thoughts just short-term, when the problem is solved, suicidal thoughts tend to disappear.
This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor
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Happy New Year 2019 images in HD | 2019 Messages for your Friend, Family & Lover

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Download the best Happy new year 2019 Images in HD for your
favourite people

The New Year Day is very special for us. We all wish each other. New Year is an only occasion that has no religion and are celebrated in entire global. The new year is a day which is the cause of excitement. Everybody enjoy on this day. New Year’s Day is blank without closed ones. Wishing you family, friends, parents and siblings is the first thing one does on or before New Year’s day. Many try to send Images. We have some beautiful collection of cute New Year’s day 2019 images and wallpaper that you can send to your friend or relative using whatsapp or even can use them on FB status update. 

                   Let me tell you a story about my childhood, few years ago, when I was kid, I did not have a cell phone, so I used to make drawing for wishing my favourite people, my family. But now  this is the era of digital, No matter how far away you are from your family or your special someone, You can contact him with just one click. Before it seemed like magic but At the moment of time, there is no problem as before. Now, we can send a messege in only in one single click.

            You are land our page for the Happy new year 2019 images in HD, right? 
            Yes, this is one of the best way to wish anyone, just you have to download the image and send it to the person you want to send, very easy.

If you are looking for Images of Happy New Year 2019 HD, then you don't have to worry about it now, We have the best New Year Images wallpaper In HD. Here you will find all that you need, so sit well And select the picture of your choice. You can send this picture in anywhere like facebook, whatsapp group whatever you want.

( IMPORTANT NOTE:  To download this images, Tap to the image, After that, the download will be appear)


Happy new year wish 2019
Happy new year

Happy new year wish 2019
Happy New Year

Wishing happy new year image

    happy new year 2019 messages in english

Remember that laughter,
joy,hard work,and tears.And when reflecting on last year, Ialso think about the new one that is to come.Because it is more important,this is a time of new beginningsand the celebration of life. "Happy New Year

We will welcome the year, what is fresh We will welcome the year, what is new, We will value every moment is contemplated, We will celebrate this happy new year

 May God spread peace everywhere and bring prosperity to the whole world in this new year.

Happy new year messege

 My desires for you, great begin for January, Love for February, peace for March, No worries for april, fun for may, Joy for June to November, happiness for Dec. Have a lucky and fantastic 2019

Hope you scater joy and happinessWherever you go all 365 days of theUpcoming year and get the same in return.Happy new year to you!

Colorful sparkling night cookies bite sweeter smiling faces delicious dishes Only Luv, Welcome no fear Let the New Year.

 This New Year you can rediscover yourself and emerge as a soul more confidence and satisfaction.

Wishing you and your family a happy and fullfilled new year
Happy new year image

wish you a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, happy new year 

A fantastic start of another beautiful year would be impossible without your love and motivation. I feel grateful for continually showering care on me, my dear. Happy New year. 

My dear, Quit thinking about everything you lost in 2018, I am always there by your side, It’s time to leave all the worries back, Start Focusing on what have to gain in 2019!

I asked for the light, and God gave me Sun,I requested for the water; he granted me rain,I prayed for the happiness, and the god bless me with you!Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

May the year 2019 give you the opportunity to realize your dreams, rediscover your strengths, muster your willpower and rejoice the simple pleasure that life would bring your way.

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Best 2019 happy new year messages for family | Use for Whatsapp, Facebook

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   Best and Unique 2019 happy new year messages and wishes for family

2019 happy new year messege

New Year it's like new beginning. For a lot of people New Year it's fresh starts. And good right words will surely helps a reaffirmations of love and promises for a prosperous future. New year is the festival that celebrates world wide without any religious and age differences. I think all you are waiting for new year bash. We presenting beautiful Collection of Happy New Year 2019 Wishes for all. Enjoy this new year with celebrations and make them happy by sending these latest collection of  Happy New Year 2019 Wishes

Top 5 2019 Happy new year Messeges For family 

Every year is an opportunity to start a new journey. I believe that our family will continue to drive a path of complete love and understanding, peace, and prosperity. Wish you all a Happy New Year full of melody and togetherness. Have a great year! 

 Let us raise a toast together for better health, more happiness and a wonderful time. May we all are forever bonded with love and kindness. May we celebrate every second of every moment of this upcoming year full of good Vibes. Happy New Year 2019!

 My Dear family brothers and sisters, I hope this New Year be blessed one for all of us to have a cheering get-together and to share all the pretty times together. I wish you with all the fortune and joy in the world and pray to the God to bless you all with success.

To sweet family members, charming and fruitful New Year wishes especially for you my little brothers and sisters. I hope you all have many achievements in your lives and all always do best to get the real results like last year and believe this year also be productive of all.

 My sister, my first buddy, my constant guide: in the coming year, I wish you all of the graces you positively deserve. I love you, Sister.Happy New Year, Grannie. I wish you a sunny New Year, just like every year you have glowed in my life. Thank you.To my awesome Sister: thank you for all the joys and laughs, and sometimes embarrassing, thoughts we share. Let’s keep that attitude going in the upcoming year! Happy New Year, with love.

 As I look ahead to a New Year, I always recall of the gifts my parents have presented me. Though we’re miles away, you are forever in my heart and prayers. Happy New Year, with warm regards.
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Best scientific BENEFITS OF MEDITATION - suprising benefits

Meditation is very effective in our life. It honestly change my lifestyles completely. It's works like magic in our life. It's Even More Powerful Than We Thought. Life finds yourself a lot easier and less stresses when you starts meditation.

Lets talk about our mind and the method we are going to control our mind:

benefits of meditation
the mind

So, Our brain is very negative. Most of the time we tend to caught on negative thoughts. Meditation could be a technique to stable our brain for positive thoughts and we able to manage our thoughts. So, meditation will help us to rewires our mind for positive thinking and it'll definitely enhance our day by day life.

But there some more interesting benefits of meditation which you might be not aware. So, in this article I focused on best scientific benefits of meditation:

Scientific Benefits of meditation

 1. Meditation reduce stress, depreasion, anger, anxiety and confusion

reduce stress
Meditation give relaxation

Meditation can control stress, reduce tension, decrease anxiety, anger, improve fitness and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation and ultimate level of peace.
studies and researches:

  2. Meditation boost your creativity

meditation improve our creativity

If you dont have any creativity or less creativity don't worry, meditation boom your creative strength acording to numerous researches. You will use this to increase your creativity. It will posibily prove as best thing to be able to increase your creativity
studies and researches:
1,2, 3

3. Meditation Improve your sex life

meditation improve sex life

Yes, its improved sex life.
orgasm is only one part of a sexual experience, and its a mind blowing exeprience. Studies have shown that meditation helps in slowing things down to allow you enjoy every sensation while having sex. Another  studies have proven that the meditation is one of the most simplest and effective natural ways to increase stamina, which consequently boosts your sex life
studies and researches:

4. Meditation increase focus, attention and memory

If you’re looking for a way to enhance concentration and memory, this could be prove as best best thing for you. The studies found that meditation not only changes brain patterns, but it also increase your focus and improved your ability memorize things
studies and researches:
1, 23

5. Decrease the risk of heart attack

A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association has concluded that meditation may help to decrease heart disease chance. So you should meditate atleast 10 mints per day. Really its works like medicine.
studies and researches:

The Conclusion:
Meditation is most important part of our life. We should always meditate. If you dont know how to meditate, then you should Click here. i have made a simple beginner guide for you all.
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meditation for beginners,simple and best tips

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How to meditate - meditation for beginners,simple and best tips

meditation its quite simple however its somtimes hard to meditate. Every beginners think that it's very hard. Obviously tough in case you are pay attention to a few bullshit even I was felt very hard when I am a beginner, Day by day I understood and make my way to meditate. So in this article I am going to teach an easy tip and  best meditation techniques for beginners and learn how to meditate.

  1. learn to meditate

       So you're right here to know how to meditate, so obviously you knew what's meditation and what are the benefits ( click here if you want know some best scintific benefits)

1. First And most critical step :

   ● Understand about meditation .

           First of all, simply suppose like doing meditation means doing not anything, it's quite simple and smooth. Just relax, calm and peace.

Letting go all of your stress and be in present moment. All things are normal for your life. Just be in present moment and peace.

2. Position and place for meditate

          Comfort play a very important role in meditation. You can meditate anywhere, any time, and any position however my advice is to Close your eyes sit comfortably because siting is very relaxed, you can do it without problems in sitting position at any comfortable place.

girl meditating
Sitting position.

3. The technique

      Don't try to control your thoughts, so be aware, after that concentrate on your breathing, don't try to control your breathing; just simply breathe normally. Feel the breathing and consciousness to your body movements with each inhale and exhale. Forget everything even forget you just feel the breathing. Waw what a stunning experience.

Problems while meditate

       Some times your thoughts disturbing you at the same time you focusing on breathing however you need to ignore it, don't worry beginning you faced this type of problem however later you can easily do it without any difficulty. Trust me

How long should I meditate?

                      in case you consider duration I recommend the beginners for atleast 1 minutes to 5 minutes even less than 1 mints per day in case you can't meditate. Later you could easily do it without difficulty more than 30 mints. Just one thing always remember beginning is always hard in any work or task and situation.

So ignoring the thoughts don't control it and feel the beauty of breathing. Peace

Conclusion:  So its my simple and best meditation techniques for beginners. In case you want to know about more beneficial and unique tips and benefits then simply comment and stay with me.

Thats meditation

technique you want it

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