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2019 happy new year messages with images for friends, family and your favourite people

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   Best and Unique 2019 happy new year messages and wishes for friends, family and your favourite people 

2019 happy new year messege

New Year it's like new beginning. For a lot of people New Year it's fresh starts. And good right words will surely helps a reaffirmations of love and promises for a prosperous future. New year is the festival that celebrates world wide without any religious and age differences. I think all you are waiting for new year bash. We presenting beautiful Collection of Happy New Year 2019 Wishes for all. Enjoy this new year with celebrations and make them happy by sending these latest collection of  Happy New Year 2019 Wishes

      Happy new year wishes and messges

Remember that laughter,
joy,hard work,and tears.And when reflecting on last year, Ialso think about the new one that is to come.Because it is more important,this is a time of new beginningsand the celebration of life. "Happy New Year

We will welcome the year, what is fresh We will welcome the year, what is new, We will value every moment is contemplated, We will celebrate this happy new year

 May God spread peace everywhere and bring prosperity to the whole world in this new year.

Happy new year messege

 My desires for you, great begin for January, Love for February, peace for March, No worries for april, fun for may, Joy for June to November, happiness for Dec. Have a lucky and fantastic 2019

Hope you scater joy and happinessWherever you go all 365 days of theUpcoming year and get the same in return.Happy new year to you!

Colorful sparkling night cookies bite sweeter smiling faces delicious dishes Only Luv, Welcome no fear Let the New Year.

 This New Year you can rediscover yourself and emerge as a soul more confidence and satisfaction.

Wishing you and your family a happy and fullfilled new year
Happy new year image

wish you a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, happy new year 

A fantastic start of another beautiful year would be impossible without your love and motivation. I feel grateful for continually showering care on me, my dear. Happy New year. 

My dear, Quit thinking about everything you lost in 2018, I am always there by your side, It’s time to leave all the worries back, Start Focusing on what have to gain in 2019!

I asked for the light, and God gave me Sun,I requested for the water; he granted me rain,I prayed for the happiness, and the god bless me with you!Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

May the year 2019 give you the opportunity to realize your dreams, rediscover your strengths, muster your willpower and rejoice the simple pleasure that life would bring your way.

Happy new year Messeges For family 

Every year is an opportunity to start a new journey. I believe that our family will continue to drive a path of complete love and understanding, peace, and prosperity. Wish you all a Happy New Year full of melody and togetherness. Have a great year! 

 Let us raise a toast together for better health, more happiness and a wonderful time. May we all are forever bonded with love and kindness. May we celebrate every second of every moment of this upcoming year full of good Vibes. Happy New Year 2019!

 My Dear family brothers and sisters, I hope this New Year be blessed one for all of us to have a cheering get-together and to share all the pretty times together. I wish you with all the fortune and joy in the world and pray to the God to bless you all with success.

To sweet family members, charming and fruitful New Year wishes especially for you my little brothers and sisters. I hope you all have many achievements in your lives and all always do best to get the real results like last year and believe this year also be productive of all.

 My sister, my first buddy, my constant guide: in the coming year, I wish you all of the graces you positively deserve. I love you, Sister.Happy New Year, Grannie. I wish you a sunny New Year, just like every year you have glowed in my life. Thank you.To my awesome Sister: thank you for all the joys and laughs, and sometimes embarrassing, thoughts we share. Let’s keep that attitude going in the upcoming year! Happy New Year, with love.
 As I look ahead to a New Year, I always recall of the gifts my parents have presented me. Though we’re miles away, you are forever in my heart and prayers. Happy New Year, with warm regards.
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Thursday, September 27, 2018


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Best scientific BENEFITS OF MEDITATION - suprising benefits

Meditation is very effective in our life. It honestly change my lifestyles completely. It's works like magic in our life. It's Even More Powerful Than We Thought. Life finds yourself a lot easier and less stresses when you starts meditation.

Lets talk about our mind and the method we are going to control our mind:

benefits of meditation
the mind

So, Our brain is very negative. Most of the time we tend to caught on negative thoughts. Meditation could be a technique to stable our brain for positive thoughts and we able to manage our thoughts. So, meditation will help us to rewires our mind for positive thinking and it'll definitely enhance our day by day life.

But there some more interesting benefits of meditation which you might be not aware. So, in this article I focused on best scientific benefits of meditation:

Scientific Benefits of meditation

 1. Meditation reduce stress, depreasion, anger, anxiety and confusion

reduce stress
Meditation give relaxation

Meditation can control stress, reduce tension, decrease anxiety, anger, improve fitness and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation and ultimate level of peace.
studies and researches:

  2. Meditation boost your creativity

meditation improve our creativity

If you dont have any creativity or less creativity don't worry, meditation boom your creative strength acording to numerous researches. You will use this to increase your creativity. It will posibily prove as best thing to be able to increase your creativity
studies and researches:
1,2, 3

3. Meditation Improve your sex life

meditation improve sex life

Yes, its improved sex life.
orgasm is only one part of a sexual experience, and its a mind blowing exeprience. Studies have shown that meditation helps in slowing things down to allow you enjoy every sensation while having sex. Another  studies have proven that the meditation is one of the most simplest and effective natural ways to increase stamina, which consequently boosts your sex life
studies and researches:

4. Meditation increase focus, attention and memory

If you’re looking for a way to enhance concentration and memory, this could be prove as best best thing for you. The studies found that meditation not only changes brain patterns, but it also increase your focus and improved your ability memorize things
studies and researches:
1, 23

5. Decrease the risk of heart attack

A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association has concluded that meditation may help to decrease heart disease chance. So you should meditate atleast 10 mints per day. Really its works like medicine.
studies and researches:

The Conclusion:
Meditation is most important part of our life. We should always meditate. If you dont know how to meditate, then you should Click here. i have made a simple beginner guide for you all.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

meditation for beginners,simple and best tips

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How to meditate - meditation for beginners,simple and best tips

meditation its quite simple however its somtimes hard to meditate. Every beginners think that it's very hard. Obviously tough in case you are pay attention to a few bullshit even I was felt very hard when I am a beginner, Day by day I understood and make my way to meditate. So in this article I am going to teach an easy tip and  best meditation techniques for beginners and learn how to meditate.

  1. learn to meditate

       So you're right here to know how to meditate, so obviously you knew what's meditation and what are the benefits ( click here if you want know some best scintific benefits)

1. First And most critical step :

   ● Understand about meditation .

           First of all, simply suppose like doing meditation means doing not anything, it's quite simple and smooth. Just relax, calm and peace.

Letting go all of your stress and be in present moment. All things are normal for your life. Just be in present moment and peace.

2. Position and place for meditate

          Comfort play a very important role in meditation. You can meditate anywhere, any time, and any position however my advice is to Close your eyes sit comfortably because siting is very relaxed, you can do it without problems in sitting position at any comfortable place.

girl meditating
Sitting position.

3. The technique

      Don't try to control your thoughts, so be aware, after that concentrate on your breathing, don't try to control your breathing; just simply breathe normally. Feel the breathing and consciousness to your body movements with each inhale and exhale. Forget everything even forget you just feel the breathing. Waw what a stunning experience.

Problems while meditate

       Some times your thoughts disturbing you at the same time you focusing on breathing however you need to ignore it, don't worry beginning you faced this type of problem however later you can easily do it without any difficulty. Trust me

How long should I meditate?

                      in case you consider duration I recommend the beginners for atleast 1 minutes to 5 minutes even less than 1 mints per day in case you can't meditate. Later you could easily do it without difficulty more than 30 mints. Just one thing always remember beginning is always hard in any work or task and situation.

So ignoring the thoughts don't control it and feel the beauty of breathing. Peace

Conclusion:  So its my simple and best meditation techniques for beginners. In case you want to know about more beneficial and unique tips and benefits then simply comment and stay with me.

Thats meditation

technique you want it

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