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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

meditation for beginners,simple and best tips

How to meditate - meditation for beginners,simple and best tips

meditation its quite simple however its somtimes hard to meditate. Every beginners think that it's very hard. Obviously tough in case you are pay attention to a few bullshit even I was felt very hard when I am a beginner, Day by day I understood and make my way to meditate. So in this article I am going to teach an easy tip and  best meditation techniques for beginners and learn how to meditate.

  1. learn to meditate

       So you're right here to know how to meditate, so obviously you knew what's meditation and what are the benefits ( click here if you want know some best scintific benefits)

1. First And most critical step :

   ● Understand about meditation .

           First of all, simply suppose like doing meditation means doing not anything, it's quite simple and smooth. Just relax, calm and peace.

Letting go all of your stress and be in present moment. All things are normal for your life. Just be in present moment and peace.

2. Position and place for meditate

          Comfort play a very important role in meditation. You can meditate anywhere, any time, and any position however my advice is to Close your eyes sit comfortably because siting is very relaxed, you can do it without problems in sitting position at any comfortable place.

girl meditating
Sitting position.

3. The technique

      Don't try to control your thoughts, so be aware, after that concentrate on your breathing, don't try to control your breathing; just simply breathe normally. Feel the breathing and consciousness to your body movements with each inhale and exhale. Forget everything even forget you just feel the breathing. Waw what a stunning experience.

Problems while meditate

       Some times your thoughts disturbing you at the same time you focusing on breathing however you need to ignore it, don't worry beginning you faced this type of problem however later you can easily do it without any difficulty. Trust me

How long should I meditate?

                      in case you consider duration I recommend the beginners for atleast 1 minutes to 5 minutes even less than 1 mints per day in case you can't meditate. Later you could easily do it without difficulty more than 30 mints. Just one thing always remember beginning is always hard in any work or task and situation.

So ignoring the thoughts don't control it and feel the beauty of breathing. Peace

Conclusion:  So its my simple and best meditation techniques for beginners. In case you want to know about more beneficial and unique tips and benefits then simply comment and stay with me.

Thats meditation

technique you want it

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