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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How We Learn, and Why it Matters to You.

What is Learning?

Learning is a process we go through all of our lives, but when we think of learning, most of picture formal academic education, or at least gaining knowledge through some type of organized program of instruction. Whiles these forms of learning are important, it's important to understand some other ways we learn, and why they are important to our overall growth.
Mastering the following forms of learning will launch you to your goals with greater insight what tools you have available to reach your destination. Be sure not to underestimate the value of any one of these learning vehicles:

1. Learned Knowledge - Learned knowlege is what most people would consider traditional learning. We do that primarily in a classroom, or with an instructor who has organized a specific curriculum or course. This form of learning is important and valuable, but can be limiting since it often focuses on theory instead of practical application.

2. Activity Knowledge - Emerson said “Do the thing and you’ll have the power”. Some people consider activity knowlege to be one of the most valuable ways we learn. By doing the thing, you gain greater insight into how to get better than you ever will merely watching someone else do it, and listening to someone lecture on how to do it. Learning through activity knowlege also allows you to honestly assess whether the chosen activity truly suits your fancy also. Remember, it's hard to be enthusiastic and in turn successful at something you're not excited about, and it's hard to be excited if you don't like what you're doing.

3. Modeling Knowledge - Find someone who is doing the things you'd like to do, or achieving the level of success you want, find out what they did to get it, and do exactly what they did. That is without a doubt the fastest way to success. Of course, that doesn't mean it will be easy, but at least you will not have to take the time to figure out how to do it, before you get started. Once Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, it was easy for others to come behind him and duplicate what he had done. Don't be the one to re-invent the wheel. Find someone who has figured out the formula and do what they do.

4. Teaching Knowledge - We get better at anything we do when we have to prepare to teach someone else how to do it, so be sure to take time out to teach others about what you do. You'll be surprised at how much better prepared you become on the subject, and how much more confident you will be in your own capabilities. Your confidence will be apparent to all who interact with you, which by itself will draw more people to you. They say nothing succeeds like success, and that's because people like to be around people they perceive as being successful. One way to project success is to teach others about what you know.
Be sure to keep in mind that life is a continuing learning experience for you. The more ways you find to accumulate knowledge the better armed you will be for success.

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