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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Self-realization- a key to Success For Forever

Self-realization- a key to Success Forever

Self realization - key to succes

In the modern age, almost everybody is facing an identity crisis. The question of knowing ‘who’ one is has led many to switch to different religious doctrines or philosophies to satiate one’s desire of knowing oneself but not many have attained success in getting the answer of it. In the history of mankind, those who attained their true identity or self awareness led to a calm, peaceful balanced life. History witnessed them facing the hardships of life positively and portrayed them as the contented beings, the torch-bearers of light and guidance.

In our efforts of knowing ourselves, some of us stick to the theoretical doctrines and lack the practice which is essential for the realization . Some of us try to practice the theory but it proves to be a car driven by an accidental, untrained driver who does not know how to drive it as he is unaware of the driving rules. Again not much is attained due to lack of awareness of rules which govern his very self . as chemistry says that a certain formula is involved behind every compound. Similarly knowledge of the formula of human chemistry is very important.
The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), Hazrat Abu Bakar
(r.a.),all the true companions of the holy prophet (P.B.U.H.), all Prophets ,Saints ,  Muhatma Budh , Guru  Nanak , Dilai Lama etc- all these great people , although they vary in degree , are recorded to have attained that state where nothing mattered to them , where the body and soul got such an equilibrium that whatever they did, added to the glory and greatness of their character as human beings or the vice-regents of God . They seem to have acquired that ideal perfection , called Nijat in Islam , Baqa in Sufism , Nirvana in Buddhism Salvation in Christianity , and Mukhti in Hinduism. They attained the highest degree of self-realization , “experienced it and taught it to the world”.
Man as being the highest manifestation of God , is gifted with almost all those godly qualities (sifats)embedded in him in different proportions with which he can acquire a communion with God and finally merge into God. It is the process of self-realization in which one studies and ponders over his self and finds a way to his true identity. Before discovering one’s identity , “the world in which man lives like a drop in the sea becomes a drop in the ocean of his heart” after acquiring his true identity through the process of self-realization. “The saints and sages , the illuminated souls who have brought light to others , have been the self-realized ones”.
When we study different religions , we find the same message. It’s the saying (Hadith) of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.) that ‘He who knows himself, knows Allah’. ‘the kingdom of God is within you’ says Bible. Similarly , we find in Vedanta that ‘self knowledge is the real wisdom’. So, self realization proves to be the key to eternal success.
But the attainment of this highest knowledge is not easy, ‘it is impossible to acquire it in the manner of sciences and arts , nor is it possible to attain it as health, wealth, honour and power can be obtained by certain means . for the sake of self-realization , thousands have renounced their families and all worldly possessions , and kings their kingdoms, and retired to desert , jungle, or mountain fastness, striving to find in asceticism the secret of this bliss’ but it is in the character of Hazrat Muhammad (s. a. w.) that we find the perfection of this process of self-realization as he didn’t retire to desert or jungle but spent his whole life of Prophet hood or self-realization among the masses and distributed the knowledge of it to the whole humanity. It was actually only he who managed to maintain a perfect balance between ‘din’ and ‘duniya’ (world). It is through his personality that we see that a self-realized man can never leave the world and are , in fact , entrusted with the duty of spreading it to the world. Plato’s Simile of Cave amply proves it.
Now the question arises that how to acquire this Baqa or Nijat at which ‘every being must arrive some day , consciously or unconsciously , before or after the death’ as is said in the Holy Quran . According to Sufis , this process consists of five stages. The first stage is the stage of ignorance through which one must travel . In this stage, one tries to do any good thing taught or preached by any religion or philosophy. In short, it means sticking to the universally accepted virtues and avoiding the vices. Muslims do it as it is preached by Prophet Muhammad (s. a .w.), Christians do it as Jesus Christ preached it , Buddhists do it as Buddha taught it , Lamas do it as per advised by Dilai Lama and so on.
This persistence and simple, truthful following is referred to as Ignorance of the purpose on the part of the doer as at this stage, one does not go into the logic or detail of it but does it because of his love and devotion either for their guide or for the virtue’s sake. These are the  lovers about whom Rumi says , “Man may be the lover of man or lover of God; after his perfection in either is taken before the King of Love”. In Islam , it is called Eeman e Bil -Ghayb. This love and devotion for Truth or goodness activates the purgation of heart which is the abode of God. As Shah Hussain says in one of his Kafis :
Doth dwell for ever
In heart of mine ,
The portrait of the Groom .
His is the garden pure
His is the blooming rose ;
A nightingale am I
Of His abode be I
The small and poorest dust ,
So sayeth Hussain , faqir .
The consistency , purity and steadfastness in this stage leads to the second stage in which one meets with his/her Mentor.

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