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Monday, December 24, 2018

Snoring - how to stop, Snoring treatment


Snoring is well known as being one of the most annoying sleep disturbances between couples, and in extreme cases can even disturb the sleep of an entire household. Recent research has shown that snorers can reach decibel levels similar to those produced by a jet aircraft at low altitude when measured in the bedroom, although snorers victims often report that the sensation is closer to being in a carpenters workshop!
Quite apart from the annoyance of snoring, which sometimes even wakes the snorer, it can lead to serious health problems. Snoring can be a sign of respiratory difficulties during sleep, as the tongue falls backward into the throat and blocks the airway. Most snorers sleep with their mouths open, trying to compensate for this blockage, and this contributes to the incredible noise levels reached. As a result, less oxygen reaches the brain, and the snorer wakes partially many times during the night, feeling uncomfortable without realising why. This means that they never get a good nights sleep, and always feel tired and tense. In severe cases performance at work suffers and the snorer may have unexplained mood swings or chronic depression. 
How to stop snoring

How to Stop snoring

How to stop snoring has been the subject of experimentation for generations, and there are several well known popular snoring remedies. Because most snorers sleep on their back, one good way of stopping it is by making the snorer turn over. Another snoring treatment which is said to be quite effective involves rubbing aromatic herbs on the snorers chest at bedtime, and seems to work by opening the respiratory tract. Some people say drinking hot milk at bedtime helps.
Traditional cures for snoring, however, are limited in effectiveness, and can stop snoring only in fairly mild cases. Most snorers are overweight, so doctors usually start snoring treatment by putting them on a diet. If the patient has chronic breathing problems, cures for snoring will need to address these, and include strips stuck on the nose to open nasal passages and positive airway pressure machines, which supply pressure which keeps the airway open.

Snoring surgery

When other snoring remedies fail, the alternative may be surgery. Snoring surgery involves widening airways by removing obstructive tissues and sometimes the tonsils, although most doctors prefer to leave these if possible. There are several drawbacks to snoring surgery, the main ones being that obese patients, who are usually the most severe snorers, cannot be operated on because they are high risk patients.For these patients, the only effective way to stop snoring is to drastically lose weight. Another drawback is that surgery may need to be repeated, as it is difficult to assess normal breathing during the procedure.
Snoring in children is considered more effectively treatable by surgery than in adults, because in children snoring is usually caused by very localised blockage by lymph tissues. It is very important to diagnose and stop snoring in children because it has been linked to Attention Deficit Syndrome and cot deaths in infants, among other syndromes.
How to stop snoring , what is snoring

Snoring treatment

The first stage in snoring treatment in infants will be to check blood oxygen levels during sleep using an oxymeter stuck to a finger. Then doctors will attempt different non surgical cures for snoring, and only if these are ineffective it may be necessary to perform snoring surgery. Children are usually good patients for surgery because they heal quickly and show rapid improvement, meaning that often they can be discharged on the day after surgery with their snoring problem solved forever. Adult patients need longer to recover, but a few days spent eating only ice cream could be considered a nice bonus.

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