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Friday, December 14, 2018

Some misunderstandings about suicide

Some misunderstandings about suicide


Small test: Do you think the following statement is "right" or "wrong"?
  1. Table shows to people who commit suicide are not really commit suicide.
  2. There is usually no sign before suicide.
  3. Those who try to commit suicide are absolutely intent to find death.
  4. People who have had suicidal thoughts will continue to have this idea.
Answer: All four sentences are wrong, which represents some misunderstanding of suicide. 

Most people often have less misunderstanding
Misunderstanding number one: people who talk about suicide will not really commit suicide Fact: Of course, some people do not talk; but people at high risk of suicide is often used to refer to people who want to commit suicide or attempt suicide and unsuccessful people . 

Myth 2: There is usually no symptom before suicide :There are studies that estimate that eight out of ten suicide cases have omens beforehand, which is very vague (eg, "I don't need credit card in the future!"), to clear Messages (such as "I want to die!") are available. 
Misunderstanding 3: People who try to commit suicide absolutely want to die . The clinical observation seems that only 3.5% of those who try to commit suicide absolutely want to die; 30% of people are in conflict, they arrange fate to decide their life and death; and the remaining two-thirds are actually If you don't want to die, the act of suicide is a dramatic way of asking for help. They will deliberately arrange so that they can get help in time. 
Misunderstanding four: suicidal thoughts people will continue to have this idea 
Fact: Many people have suicidal thoughts just short-term, when the problem is solved, suicidal thoughts tend to disappear.
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