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Friday, December 14, 2018

Unhappy Marriage? What To Do To Save Your Marriage

Unhappy Marriage? What To Do To Save Your Marriage

Do you have an Unhappy Marriage?

Marriage is a partnership. The most successful business partnerships are those which establish the partners’ expectations of one another. Similarly all companies specify the role expected for each of their Employees. Marriage is no different and if you have an unhappy marriage, here’s what to do to save your marriage.
To overcome marriage problems, you and your partner’s expectations of the marriage and each other must be clearly established.
Unfortunately, when people meet, fall in love and marry they very rarely have a clear idea of precisely what they expect from their partners and their marriage. More often than not this lack of clarity is what leads to marriage problems. After the first flush of being married is over, normal life takes over
  • going to work every day
  • doing the housework
  • bringing up kids
  • worrying about finances
  • or whatever
All too often a sense of being let down takes over. This is not quite what you expected.
However, think about this feeling. What it is, is marriage is not quite what you expected. Or your feel that your partner has not lived up to expectations.
But this feeling is probably not the fault of either your partner or your marriage. It is however the direct result of not being clear about your expectations. And maybe your partner has similar feelings of disappointment.
If this is true, then you need to take some urgent steps to save your marriage
  1. Discuss your feelings  with your spouse about unfulfilled expectations – BUT CALMLY
  2. Agree to each listing their expectations from one another and the marriage
  3. Confront the list and at all cost avoid hurting your loved one.
  4. Discuss – again without shouting or accusing -  what each of expect from each other and the marriage
  5. Come to an agreement about these expectations
  6. The both of you must resolve to fulfil those agreements
Your marriage is too precious not to give it your all. It is important that both parties work at delivering these expectations in order to overcome you marriage problems.

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